Social Media - Changing Fashion Purchasing Trends

Social Media - Changing Fashion Purchasing Trends - In today's highly socially influenced world, we wanted to understand where our customers and prospective customers shopped for design and style inspiration. We really needed to know where our existing customers pick up reliable style inspiration as this would craft our marketing efforts.

What did we do? How did we collect this information?

We ran a short marketing data collection campaign by adding a tick box and return slip to each order. We also set up an online form accessible only by customers so that they could vote and collect a 20% discount code for a single purchase. Results were strong with a 94% rate of return of order to vote so we are confident this route of data collection is effective.

What were the results?

As expected, most women chose Instagram as their first stop fix for style inspo. Our research also tells us that Pinterest is growing in popularity but not as quickly as we had expected. Other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat did not feature highly on our research results.

Did the results come as a surprise?

Yes and no would be the only way to respond to this. We already knew through analytics that our sales come mainly through Instagram and general word of mouth referrals. What we wanted to learn was 'are we missing out on other verticals'? So the surprise was that many of our customers are inspired by magazines which they purchase regularly, this then leads them to run searches on Google to find items of similar fashion styles.

We did expect Pinterest to feature higher on results but maybe that is because we all use it here at Peachy Cola for new collection inspiration. However, that is through the eyes of a fashion merchandiser/designers rather than a consumer.

The results although not entirely surprising or groundbreaking have lead taught us some valuable lessons. Peachy Cola will in the future look to feature in editorial print publications as an alternative to online placements.

What we know for sure...

Social media is shaping the course and trends of the fashion World and how consumers then make purchases. As a consumer you are in full control of where fashion and styles move to and progress over the coming years. Peachy Cola has been driven by loyal customers that have a bohemian or classic style. This unique focus has driven Peachy Cola into a niche of success.

Some explain social media as the trash can of the internet but what is interesting is how lesser known fashion brands and individual have flourished with the backing of social media. As mentioned previously, finding a unique niche in fashion or a style offering is the key to success...certainly in 2019 and beyond. Our research over time has shown us that this unique style inspiration will drive organic visitors and will build trust and loyalty with your customer base.