The Biggest Swimwear Trends Set for 2020

It's not exactly hot in London, but that won’t stop us from planning our next sun filled beach destination. Swimwear shopping is one of the most colourful, fun filled ways to spend an hour of our day. It certainly beats chores or the work load.

To help you navigate the new-ins, we’ve rounded up all the key trends to look out for this season. From bright neons and animal print pieces to classic polka dot and one piece swimsuits, here’s what everyone is due to be obsessing over this summer.

1) Neon Swimwear

Neon hues have been championed by designers and celebs for the last few seasons. They are more flattering than you might first think: super bright shades create the illusion of a deep tan. The queens of this look is without a doubt Kylie and Kendal Jenner. Remember that moment when Kylie twinned with baby Stormi and best friend Jordyn Woods (before the Tristan Thompson scandal) wearing matching neon yellow swimsuits? Well, following this, searches for neon swimwear surged by 29% a month later. You do the figures..

2) Knotted Swimwear

The trend from SS19 season continues and anything and everything knotted. Tops, bottoms, swimsuits and dresses. Pretty and practical, knotted bikinis and swimsuits allow for some adjustments (a bit of hoisting, tightening and slack if you skimped on the pre holiday workouts). Rihanna rocks this look and you will see many celebs alike follow the tie and twist details for summer 2020.

3) Animal Print Swimwear

No surprises, Animal print returned with a vengeance last year. The AW19 fashion shows saw designers going further than classic leopard print, exploring tiger stripes, zebra and giraffe print, too. The trend is going nowhere. Searches for ‘leopard print’ are up from last year, Vogue Williams showcased her toned and tanned physique in a leopard print swimsuit on her recent month-long trip to St. Barts. Jel.

4) High waist Bikini’s

If you're looking for a bikini that will flatter your body and make you feel confident, consider a high-waisted swimsuit. The cut smooths out your torso and highlights the cinched-most point of your waist, so it's a great option for all body types.

5) Metallic Swimwear

There’s a time and place for looking elegant, and it’s not at the pool. Your summer should be spent in the most care-free and delightful way possible, metallic bathing suits unleash the extra factor style star within you, and you won’t know til’ you wear it. Rita Ora was ahead of the pack in December 19 and showed off the results of her gym-going efforts this year in a itsy-bitsy cut out metallic one piece style that made the headlines.